Lesson Six | Design, Graphics and Messaging Assignment

In this Lesson Six Assignment, you are being asked to apply the information in the articles you just read to evaluate five 10’x10′ Skyline booths in the above slide show.


    1. On a word document, describe the effective elements being used by each of these five companies. When possible, refer to the specific element in a specific article. Focus on three to four elements each display is using successfully. Keep your evaluation of each booth to 300 Р500 words. This is not a strict word count for the maximum words, but do try to write at least one complete paragraph for each display.

      For example, if you are evaluating the use of unpadded stools in a display, write something along these lines:

      In the article, “Get a Cue”, Bob Milam talks about the important role seating plays in your booth design. In the display for XYZ Company, they use unpadded stools to …”

    2. After you finish evaluating these five displays, find two examples of ineffective 10’x10′ booths. You can find these by doing a simple Google search. If possible, copy and paste the image into your document. Describe the elements that these displays violate. Again, keep each evaluation to 300 – 500 words.
    3. Save your document as YourLastName_Lesson6 and upload in the area provided below.