Skyline Products and Procedures

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Course Description

In this self-paced course, you will learn about the line of Skyline products and its procedures.

You do not need to complete this course at one time. If you decide to leave and comeback to finish additional lessons, you will notice a green check-mark next to the lessons and topics that have been completed. This will make it easy for you to start exactly where you left off.

Note: Database software (CRM), quoting software and legacy software (SAP) training is not part of this WJL Training online course. Individual dealers will provide training on their specific software and local procedures.

Course Materials

To successfully complete this course, you will need the following:

  • Computer or Mobile Device
  • Internet Connection
  • Speaker Volume "ON"

Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson One | Skyline History and Market Stratification


Lesson Two | Portable, Modular and Custom Modular Exhibits


Lesson Three | DIY Products 1


Lesson Four | DIY Products I Scenarios


Lesson Six | DIY Products III


Lesson Seven | Modular Products


Lesson Eight | Custom Modular Products


Lesson Nine | Miscellaneous Products and Accessories


Lesson Ten | Graphics


Lesson Eleven | Comprehensive Assessment: Exhibit Systems and Graphics